Questioning the purpose of Social Media


Photo by rellob

A celebrity worthy logo

For the past two lessons, we have been working on designing a logo for a celebrity. In order to end up with a suitable logo for the chosen celebrity, each of us researched about our celebrity client to see how we could communicate their personality through our design.

Here is a screencast, documenting my logo designing progress.

Digital Dragons Day

We have also been talking about an even called the Digital Dragons Day where students from across UWCSEA will be posting a blog about the same chosen issue, so as to share their opinions with the world. This event could possibly have a big impact on our society as there will be so many students talking about the same issue, therefore, making people more aware.

As a class, we have been discussing the possible topics high school students would be interested in. Here are 2 options I thought would interest school children.

  1. Water level rising
  2. Enterprise blogs

But in the end, my partner and I decided that the most through-provoking and possibly most controversial topic would be ‘The portrayal of pressing issues on social media’ We decided this is an important topic that needs to be discussed because of the irony of such a topic and what we as individuals truly believe the purpose of social media and internet is.

Here’s a link that can introduce you to our chosen topic


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