Be Aware and Take Care


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 Your concept/theme/topic/prompt explained in 20 words or less

Discussing the portrayal and manipulation of pressing issues in social media.

E.g. The Lagrand case, which was manipulated to form bias

How will this reflect the UWC mission? 

By having a Digital Dragons day in the first place we are forming a sense of community by having so many students comment on the same issue. This can start conversations within the school uniting the student body. Although there can be a difference of opinion between students, it starts a conversation which can lead to students being exposed to different perspectives.

How can you adapt the concept to be applicable to primary, middle, and high school students? 

The concept can be adapted in the sense that when a child regardless of age is reading a news article, they need to be able to identify the difference between what is real and what has been adjusted or twisted to fit a certain generalization or bias. If children practice this from a young age it will benefit them when they grow older. 

What hashtag would you use to promote the day on social media? 

Here are a few options my partner Rhea and I came up with




What three links/resources would you provide to help inform people before they begin to think about your concept?


What about your concept is unique/important/relevant to our school community?

As previously mentioned, in school, research is a prevalent skill that gets developed and used very often. If you are not able to identify loopholes and bias, you will not be able to fulfill the development of this skill to the full extent and apply it in everyday life as their needs to be a differentiation between what is true and what has been edited to give one side more leeway.

What colors will you use in your logo and how will this reflect an understanding/interaction with this resource on color theory and this one?

I think for the colour choices we will have to read into the phycology behind colour, as to make precise decisions of what emotion we want to evoke in the viewer’s mind. Because of the controversial nature of our chosen issue, I think using contrasting colours will help convey a deeper meaning.

Which font will you use, and how is that choice informed by this resource?

I think San- Serif fonts would be more suitable to our logo. Without the ‘feet’ they have a very modern and casual feel to them. Since our logo is going to be made on the computer San- Serif fonts would be more suitable as they look more clean cut, making them easier to read.

Which logo trend would you like to aspire to, how might it be relevant for your concept?

I found the trend of negative space to be the most intriguing. When I looked at the logos and saw how it connected to the companies name I felt very satisfied and impressed. These types of logos are capable of incorporating all aspects of a company. I think this is very relevant to our topic as it is a controversial topic, and incorporating the dispute into our logo would not only make it visually appealing but also leave the viewers thinking which is definitely what we want. The logo can also be a visual stimulus for writers.

Which noun project icon(s) will you use as a starting point?

How do those icons link to your answer to question 6 in Part 1 of the specification?


Why do yo uthink I chose an icon of a mirror?

Which three students will you use for feedback?

Tony, Tomoko, and Ji-won

List three questions you want to ask them about your first logo rough draft here:

  1. Does the logo look aesthetically pleasing?
  2. Does it convey the message of our chosen topic? and how?
  3. What do you think we should add or subtract from the logo to further improve it?

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